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  1. Albert Pattison says:

    The recording of “Tu Sais” is clearly not Al Bowlly – presumably it crept in in error
    Is it the version by Tommy Kinsman on Piccadilly 398 with Tom Barratt as the vocalist?

    I’ve just tuned in for the first time following the article in ‘Memory Lane’ and am well impressed.

    I have a larhe Al Bowlly collection – 78s, LPs, CDs – more or less everything that’s available. But it’s great to be able to listen non-stop to Al whilst working at my computer.



  2. Albert Pattison says:

    Thank you for this info.
    Are you able to give me the record cat. number, date of recording etc.
    I cannot find this track in the Al Bowlly gtr discog



  3. admin says:

    Hi Albert,

    Which recording are you referring to, there are 10 in this playlist?


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