Welcome to Bowlly Radio!

This website is devoted to the voice of the century (last century, of course).

Al Bowlly was a popular vocalist in his lifetime, but since his death his popularity has continued to grow. Now he has thousands of fans all over the world. I’m one of them, and this is my tribute to my favourite singer of all time.

7 comments on “Welcome to Bowlly Radio!
  1. Hi, this is a fantastic website.
    I can’t wait to download the Bowlly App and hear more of Bowlly’s great singing.

  2. Denis King says:

    I totally agree, this is a wonderful memory to the greatest vocalist of the British Dance Band Era

    “Don’t You Remembe,They Called Me Al”

  3. admin says:

    Thanks for the compliment. I hope to make it even better as time goes on. Rex

  4. Denis King says:

    Dear Rex,

    When will the Samsung app be available for Bowlly radio.

    Denis King

  5. Denis King says:

    Dear Rex,

    I have now completed downloading the apps.

    Al is now with me always.



  6. Carmen says:

    What seriously influenced you to compose “Welcome to
    Bowlly Radio! | Bowlly Radio”? I personallycertainly
    enjoyed the post! I appreciate it ,Corinne

  7. Ray Frensham says:

    A,m so glad I came across this station – a pure pleasure.